Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Do you believe in/support all religions?"

i respect people who truly follow paths they believe in.  if you’re going to be something, fully be it.  don’t tell me you’re a christian but cheat on your wife.  tell me you’re a christian and fucking dance and go ape shit for jesus.  give homeless people loaves of bread and fish.  if you’re going to be something, be it, and be the best of it.  that’s when i support religions.  people who truly believe in something with their whole lives and practice for the betterment of themselves and to help others.  i don’t support any religion used for the wrong reasons.  i don’t support religion that is a tool for hate.  i don’t support religion that lies or is greedy.

as far as beliefs, i believe in myself.  i believe in the universe.  i believe in love.  i believe that there may be a great power and that there may not.  it may be a man, or a woman, or many people, or all things, or us, or a gay-black-old Democrat, or a pink sparkly unicorn and it wouldn’t make a difference to me.  whatever happens in the end, i’m always as sweet as I can be in the present because that’s what i do.  i believe in create and i loathe destroy.  i sort of have my own religion that draws from everything i love and myself.