Friday, March 4, 2011

Endlessly Creating

It's a large piece of food pyramids.  And in the negative space between pyramids I'm going to draw monsters and ghosts and dinosaurs and zombies and luna moths and cowboy boots and many moons and eyeballs, but I haven't quite gotten there yet.
It started with a a medium-sized (five-level) pyramid based off of this picture, but more personalized and imaginative.  The top layer is the all-seeing eye of horus, surrounded by mushrooms, representing how mushrooms pry my third eye open.  Below that is a girl with heavy mascara and red lipstick (me, i guess?) smoking a cigarette and her third eye is as well, representing my need to chain smoke like it's the last day of my life.  Below are two pisces fish gulping in water and breathing it, representing how I essentially breathe water (I'm a fucking mermaid, but also constantly dehydrated).  Below is an assorted collection of drugs, ranging from champagne bottles to mdma crystals to ADD meds to san pedro (no needles involved), representing how I probably eat more drugs than food (I at least spend more money on them).  And the bottom layer is filled with teacups and flowers and peaches and mint leaves, representing my obsessive consumption of liquids and addiction to caffeine.
Then I started thinking about my food pyramid when I first came to college as a liddle baby freshman.  So next to the first triangle, I drew a small-sized (three-layer) pyramid based off of my old nourishment.  Top layer was candy.  I was a huge sugar junkie, from red bull (wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings) to nerds to cheesecake to pumpkin lattes.  Middle layer was booze-a-hol.  I was a super bohemian drunkard (let loose a little too much when I went to college perhaps?).  Bottom layer = WEED SEX.  On trampolines, at skateparks, in bathtubs, in dorm closets, on the couch, in the woods, under water trampolines, in the shower, in fucking beds (unbelievably, right?) sometimes, in tents, at abandoned amusement parks, in the back of my mom's car, and it was lovely.  I was a little frisky stoner back in the day.  (D; ...miss that)  So the bottom layer is me all hazy-eyed, "oooooOoOooOoOOOooo-ing" and surrounded by sparkly weed nugs.  
Then I started thinking about my life post college.  My relationship with weed has changed, I don't want to be smoking as many cigarettes, and I don't really want to drink alcohol at all ever again unless it's really expensive whiskey or absinthe, so I formed a large pyramid (seven-layer).  Top triangle is me in an ayahuasca vision and my third eye is spewing out a rainbow.  Below that is me making art on acid and the paint is exploding into tentacles and u.f.o.'s and waves and trees.  Below that I'm drinking tea and it's creeping into my brain and flowers are growing in my mind.  Below that is a mushroom forest and I'm howling at the moon.  Below that I'm meditating and my hands are in mudras and yin-yang piscean fish are swimming off of my face.  Below that I'm educating myself, reading books and writing poetry and cuddling with cats and expanding the depth of my knowledge and myself.  And the bottom layer is me wandering through the desert, exploring nature and discovering my soul.  The phases of the moon are printed on the sky and in the middle, I've drawing down the moon and drinking from it and a mystical shaman is practicing mystical spells in the distance and a scorpion crawls around in the sand and some crystals glitter.
With slow certainty I discover myself more every day and increase my longing to end my stay in this icy hell and move to Arizona.