Monday, May 16, 2011


we drove out to the woods to the house of our friend who’s a yoga teacher and played with his fluffy cat named princess and smoked maui wowwie and drank boxed wine and woke up early to meditate and stretch and then drank cups n cups n cups n cups of honey vanilla chamomile and strong strong strong coffee.  we explored the cold, buggy, rainy woods and only found one morel but it was delicious and we tapped some spores into this old rotting log in the backyard so maybe next year we won’t have to split a yummy delicacy three ways and barely get to taste it.  i gathered more dandelions for dandelion wine and now the freezer is exploding with them and i’m covered in sweet pollen and faery dust and bee magick and all sorts of flowery rot.  we stuffed our faces with delicious asian food and our minds with beautiful words in beautiful books and i drew pictures of whales diving into bathtubs and lavender ganesh and old gypsy women with turquoise rings and heavy eyeliner and beaded shawls.  we wanted to hunt for more morels the next day but it drizzled from morning to night and probably drowned all of my delicious baby mushrooms so we just did yoga and listened to “of montreal” and watched kung fu movies and drank bloody mary.  the next morning we woke up to go to our host’s chakra workshop which was a beautiful experience with harmony garden tea in my belly and the taste of vanilla e-cigarettes on my lips.  people felt their bodies rising out of them and glowing colors in their heads and my root chakra was made of deep purple crystals grounding me into the earth and my crown was a rainbow lotus that covered my skull like a headdress and opened my mind into infinity to play with little stars on the far end of the universe.  and the woods are full of trillium and my eyes of full of daydreams of my next adventure in the woods.