Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cosmic Bullshit

They call me Princess Cowboy and I'm full of cosmic bullshit and I know it. I'm a piscean alien with space for brains and big moon eyes and sometimes i get so full of water and tea it leaks out of my eyes and fills up my teacups again. I'm such a tea junkie i piss it. I'm such an everything junkie, really, and I love to be so overwhelmed with drugs, colors, lights, people, music, patterns, feelings, and daydreams that i almost can't breathe, because everything's a drug and I choose it all! I want to suck all of the marrow out of life and live as beautifully in each moment as I can. I'm a blue-haired moonchild whose only religion is love and I read chicana and native american literature, make terrible doodles of cacti covens in Arizona, play a pink ukulele with stickers on it, meditate to tribal music, cum to e.e.cummings, study buddhism and art, drunkenly dance in forests and graveyards, leave lipstick prints on cigarettes, and howl at the big glitter in the sky cause i'm a rhinestone-cowgirl and a pixie-shaman who eats peyote on top of a pueblo on a martian desert under the full moon, cause that's how i roll. I'm a sun in pisces, moon in gemini, cancer rising, and I'm full of all sorts of poetic bullshit about astrology and tarot, so go ahead and ask me anything. I'm a moon warrior of the tie-dye sky and I live in a land of poppies and mushroom trees where pixie-elephants fly and ghostly shamans put spells on stars.  I'm a forest people, and if you a forest people too, come have a tea party with me in a unicorn forest at the bottom of the sea xxx <666