Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Divine in Me Celebrates the Divine in You

we are connected by a celestial thread
spun by divine beings.
it shoots across the milky way
it is tangled in the constellations and mountaintops
flows down through the rivers
until it becomes tangled in us.

all of our human emotions
our spirit essence
each other.
we are connected invisibly.

every time a winged being
it pulls on this thread that
ties us along
lifting everyone a little closer to heaven.

every time a finned being
into the volcanic depths of the mighty oceans
we feel a downward pull
our feet touch the water.
this water connects us too.

we all touch the same earth.
our feet are rooted to the earth,
our hands are rooted to the stars.
we all dive to the core of our eternal essence, and
fly to sacred places in our minds.
we dive and fly together.

no one is


we look at a reflection and see difference.
we burn each other.
start wars.
make laws.
over what we see as difference.

but this body is only a shell.

each shell is a colored glass bottle
sitting in the windowsill
gazing in awe at the sunshine
worshipping the majesty of the air ourside.
the bottles do not realize the beauty of their reflection.
they do not realize the air ourside
—the air inside—
are one in the same.

we are the divine.

not you and you and only you
but all of you.
we are all a part of it.

we throw our hands at the heavens and cry
we long for something sacred
we hallow unearthly powers.
but the power is here.  the power is now.

the divine is in a simple wildflower.
the divine is in the glittering flecks of sunlight
at the corner of our eyes.
the divine is the deer at the side of the road.
the divine is a warm cup of tea.
the divine is dirt.
the divine is in our fingertips.
the divine is when our fingertips touch.

we seek to find difference and don’t grasp sameness.
we categorize
create boxes for each other
find reasons for some boxes to be better than others.
but they are all the same.
they are all good.
all holy.

when the glass bottles open
and our spirits mingle with the outside air
sparkling in the glow
finally we shall know

heaven is here.


(by me, cosmicforestpeople)