Friday, November 11, 2011

Under a Moth Moon by LunarTribes/Phantomquartz

i just bought this print O_O it was way too much $$$ but it's so worth it because Lunartribes/Phantomquartz is not only a lavender-sage-crystal-filled-goddess who spouts mushroom tea and faery dust and a visionary dream artist, she is also a lovely person and a good friend.  she's going to add a little doodle for me too... i feel like the coolest and luckiest cat in the universe!! :3 :3 :3 Princess Kirby (my Ethiopian goddess bestie) and I should visit our dear friend Alice ;) before the snow comes and look at it forever. Mary Jane can come too if she wants <3. or we could just hang out and do nothing and eat pizza and drink tea forever and ever because that sounds like the best time in the world. eye lub ewe, Kirby and miss you.  i'd rather do nothing with you forever than anything cool with anyone else. :'(
~*Diamond Demon Cum Cult*~ reunion soon ☉ ☽ ✫ • ☾ ☄ ☀ ◯