Sunday, April 24, 2011


1. reading books about aliens, tribes, drugs, and cowgirls
2. meditating to fix my crooked chakras
3. skinnydipping and pretending to be a mermaid
4. yoga, hula-hooping, bellydancing, biking, and swimming to lose weight
5. quitting drinking, doing more entheogens
6. having tea parties with my imaginary friends
7. trying to make real friends/talking to strangers/going outside my comfort zone
8. making more terrible art about deserts and mushrooms
9. listening to glittery music
10. classes and working a job i don’t hate (for once)
11. camping and mushroom hunting
12. designing and getting feet tattoos
13. making sequin clothing, feather earrings, and turquoise necklaces
14. road trip to arizona
15. trying to live as beautifully as this all of the time
16. making my cosmic forest tribe a reality
17. writing bad beat poetry
18. playing ukulele and accordion and starting a harem pants band
19. dirty dancing in graveyards
20. wild summer sex all of the time
21. practice lucid dreaming with calea zacatechichi, algonquin tea, and meditation