Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cosmic Forest People Zodiac

Aries are some of the most socially charged and dynamically-minded people on the planet.  They’re brilliant, gregarious, witty, hilarious, and while they have a reputation for being inattentive to the needs of others, it’s oftentimes out of honest artlessness or ignorance.  Aries have some of the biggest hearts of all of us, and would move the moon for someone they loved, but their trust comes slowly.  They become space cadets sometimes, cause there are so many things going on in those magical robot brains of theirs, and they always get the most brilliant and original ideas, but as a result, get the most migraines in the zodiac.  Don’t worry aries, i’ll massage your pretty little heads until you feel all better and can shoot off into space again in your fiery rocketships!
Taureans have a love as deep and as warm as mother earth.  They root themselves into the soil, but it does not mean that they’re unchanging.  Like trees, they blow in the wind and touch the sky.  Like flowers, they turn their heads to the sun.  Taureans have strong aesthetic tastes, and when they choose to pursue music or art, they will discover they have great talents, and the determination and patience to improve their craft.  The animal associated with their sign is the bull, after “the bull of heaven”, also known as the Egyptian god, Horus.  Like a bull, Taurus can be headstrong and stubborn, deeply rooting themselves deeper into the ground when pushed, and because they love so deeply, they have the tendency to become jealous.  But a Taurean in good zen is the most gentle and peaceful soul you can come across.    They usually love really earthy colors like green and brown and soft blues, and often wear clothes that look like they’ve been rubbed in beautiful, sweet earth.  They live perfectly in the moment, sucking the sweet marrow out of life, and enjoying the universe’s simple comforts and pleasures.
Gemini’s guiding celestial object is Mercury, the planet of childhood and youth, and many of Gemini’s vices and blessings are childlike in nature.  With eyes as wide as U.F.O.’s, a quick mind, and a short attention span, they love to expand their minds beyond the classroom or the workplace, and don’t like being bogged down by responsibilities, expectations, tedious tasks, and institutionalized learning.  Gemini’s love to learn curious things about the world around them, but they take education into their own hands.  Gemini is represented by the twins, symbolizing the complex, dual-nature of this sign, which can represent their clever adaptability, but also their two-sidedness.  With kaleidoscopic eyes, Gemini flits about the world like a hummingbird, absorbing the intensity of every tree and flower, but rarely lingering.
Like the other water signs, Cancer (or moonchild) is very in tune with the cosmic nature of the universe and can read situations through vibes that are transmitted to them like ripples on a pond.  They are very in touch with themselves emotionally, and can tap into and understand those around them.  Cancers like to inhabit cozy, mysterious corners of the earth, and would rather live somewhere meaningful with life-gathered antiques and treasures and clutter than to have an immaculate, modern house just for show.  They have profound thoughts and deep imaginations, making them prone to fantasy.  Their fatal flaw is living within their fantasies without turning them into realities.  As is appropriate for such a deep, sensitive, loving ocean sign, Cancer’s celestial object is the moon and starstone is the pearl.
Leo burns and sparkles with magical intensity, like a fiery diamond.  She likes to daydream of adventures and splendor, but unlike other more passive signs, she fights to achieve her big dreams and won’t be told she can’t do something.  She’s blunt about her feelings and herself, even if they make some people uncomfortable, but it makes it easier for her to find the right people, who love Leo for her sass, flair, wit, and honesty.  Leos love sharing ideas and treasures with people they love and trust, and are loyal to the very end.  Just don’t double-cross them, or the mean side of the lion comes out!  Sometimes Leo gets a little haughty or angry, but almost always she’s warm to everyone around her, and spreads happiness and good vibes like the sun.
A Virgo builds her life with aesthetic pleasures, warm-hearted people, and small moments.  She is somewhat reserved in her feelings initially, but once her petals have opened up, she is anything but shy.  A Virgo in-her-element is physically and emotionally affectionate, open and honest about her feelings, and leaves her intellectual and responsible self by the wayside in pursuit of laughter, happiness, and sometimes even recklessness.  When required to, she can tighten up her emotions to succeed in her responsibilities with her sensibility and practical skills, but she’d much rather be alive and full of life.  Virgo becomes a little pre-occupied with her concerns about the future, but if she just learns to live in the moment, she is that glorious and lovely moment, and like a fully-blossomed lotus flower, she spreads her charm and loveliness freely. 
Stars in her eyes and bows in her hair, Libra is a hopeless romantic and the beauty of the zodiac.  She loves aesthetic touches and harmony in all things, giving her very good taste and fashion sense.  Libras are charming, lovable, caring, and would fight a hoard of evil zombie robots with nun-chucks to protect her loved ones and the sanctity of her concord.  On the downside, Libra gets a little too lovable sometimes and has the reputation of being a flirt, but who said you can’t love everyone?  The life of a Libra is usually a topsy-turvy parade as she tries to balance her many multi-faceted, crystal-like emotions and create peace in the world, but once she gets it, that clever girl can bring Zen to any situation.  A Libra in balance walks on rainbows and shoots lotus blossoms from her fingertips.
A Scorpio is a fiesty, fiery soul that lives in a little scorpio cave deep in the sea. They come out and dance around and capture people with their intensity and magnetic eyes, but they’re quick to sting or retreat in their scorpio cave if someone wrongs them! Scorpios are creative, fun,  sometimes manipulative, sexual, passionate, and jealous.  There are all sorts of mysteries hiding behind behind the amber eyes of scorpio, and if you’re lucky enough to get close, prepare for the sexual ecstasy of your life.  The spells and tricks of the beautiful and elusive scorpio are hard to forget about.
Spiritual Sagittarius is driven to find the God in every flower, and doesn’t just preach religion or save it for special occasions, but embodies their spiritual beliefs in everything they do, even if their beliefs aren’t part of an institutionalized religion, which they often aren’t.  They dream of rugged freedom and world travel, and feel smothered by domesticality and details.  Sagittarians are in control of their personal universe and at peace with themselves, but when it comes to the world around them, they are often restless.  Rather than passively accepting mainstream life, they want to put footprints in the mountains and ride wild horses, living whatever unconventional life suits them best.  Sagittarians are often very hard to read, because they’re somewhat superficial and use their clever tongues to trick others into thinking they know and embody things that they don’t, but once you get into a Sagittarian’s heart, you’ll discover their true magick.
With determination as their driving force, Capricorns fractal out into the universe and can expand their knowledge and creative powers in many areas, even working on several projects at once.  They aren’t really heavy daydreamers, but instead they find fascination in the world around them.  Capricorns are in love with the very real and tangible magic of the universe, and hunt for truth and beauty in the everyday.  Capricorns have tons of talents in diverse areas, but while they are technically skilled, they struggle sometimes with creativity.  They may come off as cold, but this is just because they are heavy thinkers who have a hard time sharing their emotions, and they refuse for people to see them struggle.  They are disciplined and ambitious, but this does not make them humorless.  When they take their energy off of their many endeavors, which they should do anyway to keep from getting overwhelmed, they can finally relax, soften up, make a big pot of tea, and have a carefree laugh with friends.
Aquarians are sociable little creatures who are both incredibly open and fascinating, so they’re great at finding loveliness in people and places that others may miss.  But there comes a time when Aquarius has danced around the universe for too long and needs to socially disconnect and recharge so she can be her bright, beautiful little self again.  This is when Aquarius becomes the temporary lone wolf, and all of her friends wonder where she’s disappeared to.  Be careful about crawling into your secret little dream cave!  It’s a great chance for meditation and self-examination, but too much time away from those who love you may leave them feeling abandoned.  Aquarius loves to prance around and nourish the world with her life-giving energy (hence the symbolism of the water bearer), and will not let anyone tell her who she’s supposed to be.  Also, all aquarians can walk on water.
Pisces have big moon eyes and rainbows in their brains, and because they’re so receptive to everything emotionally, they have a vast ocean of love for humanity, but are sensitive and get easily hurt.  The ethereal fish swimming in opposite directions represent the inner struggle between the two sides of Pisces: the one that’s trying to trudge deeper into Narnia and the one that’s trying to get back to reality so people will stop thinking they’re weird, anti-social little art monsters!  A yin-yang balance is key for harmony.  The biggest concern for the fish-headed are to not get eaten by their own sea demons while they’re deep in the ocean, looking for treasure and mermaids.  They love to escape into drugs, books, alcohol, art, and their mind, but they can’t spend all of their time on planet Neptune, or they’ll wake up one day feeling like a lost little alien.  Pisces are the sign most aware of the cosmic nature of their existence and their third eye is always glowing, but you may have to shake them out of a daydream to get them to tell you about it.
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