Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cosmic Wolf Girl, Indigo Child

I can see people’s souls and hear and see thoughts. i am intensely in touch with others and my own energies. I have memories from past lives. When I go to an antique mall, I can sense memories embedded in objects. I see spirits. I see the synchronicity in my life with startling clarity. I have a very solid and mappable dreamscape where I have clairvoyant dreams often. I can astral project to different planes and realms from within my own dreamscape via meditation. (or one time when I got electrocuted it happened. or sometimes when I cough too hard it happens for a split second.)
I think, maybe, if you work on it you can develop your indigo-ness, like how a shaman trains and practices and learns to open themselves up. I can’t always tune-in, and often don’t have a choice when I do. For instance whenever I am on my cycle I am wide open and can feel the energies of everything to an overwhelming point. When I am sick or hurting I am torn wide-open. When I am really high it is a manageable openness most of the time, pleasant and controllable.