Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aquarian Sea

Aquarians are sociable little creatures who are both incredibly open and fascinating, so they're great at finding loveliness in people and places that others may miss.  But there comes a time when Aquarius has danced around the universe for too long and needs to socially disconnect and recharge so she can be her bright, beautiful little self again.  This is when Aquarius becomes the temporary lone wolf, and all of her friends wonder where she's disappeared to.  Be careful about crawling into your secret little dream cave!  It's a great chance for meditation and self-examination, but too much time away from those who love you may leave them feeling abandoned.  Aquarius loves to prance around and nourish the world with her life-giving energy (hence the symbolism of the water bearer), and will not let anyone tell her who she's supposed to be.