Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Virgo Lost Her Virginity

Every Virgan I’ve ever known has hated descriptions of their sign and finds it difficult to identify with ultra-femininity, strict order, and being wholesome and clean and a perfect virgin at all times, so I’m going to go ahead and say FUCK THAT and make my own working definition based upon the people in my life I’ve experienced.  So let’s say you were born a cute like Virgo virgin who played with barbies and organized her toothbrushes by color, but one day BAM! you lost your virginity.  Welcome to the adulthood of the ethereal goddess of love, Virgo.
A Virgo builds her life with aesthetic pleasures, warm-hearted people, and small moments.  She is somewhat reserved in her feelings initially, but once her petals have opened up, she is anything but shy.  A Virgo in-her-element is physically and emotionally affectionate, open and honest about her feelings, and leaves her intellectual and responsible self by the wayside in pursuit of laughter, happiness, and sometimes even recklessness.  When required to, she can tighten up her emotions to succeed in her responsibilities with her sensibility and practical skills, but she’d much rather be alive and full of life.  Virgo becomes a little pre-occupied with her concerns about the future, but if she just learns to live in the moment, she is that glorious and lovely moment, and like a fully-blossomed lotus flower, she spreads her charm and loveliness freely.  
So, between this definition and the one we’ve all heard before, which one fits?  Can you offer any insight?