Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nature's Teachers and Healers, by TriadFox

Ergot (Top left corner)- This is a fungus that infects grain and is the cause of a lethat disease. I added it because LSD was synthesized from it in 1938 by the swiss chemist Albert Hofmann. It also contains quite a few other alkaloids related to acid, some of which are psychoactive in thier own right.
Morning glory (Under the ergot)- Morning Glories have been used for centuries by the Indians of Mexico as a visionary plant. It contains primarily LSA, a chemical closely related to LSA. It is also found in ergot. Morning Glories are also a widely cultivated plant around the world. Hell, my family’s been growing them for years.
Psilocybe Mexicana, semilanceata (Liberty caps), cubensis (cubes)- These are but a few of your more well known “Magic Mushrooms” They were primarily used by Indians in Mexico, and brought to the west in the fifties.
Fly Agaric (The big red mushroom)- This mushroom may well be one of the oldest intoxicants known to man. It is speculated that it is the origin of Santa, that it’s the source of Soma in the Rig Veda, among many other things.
Salvia Divinorum (beside the mushrooms)- This is a very unique visonary plant used by Indians in Mexico. It is very unique among visionaty plants because of the extremely bizarre nature of the trips.
Opium Poppy (Next to the Salvia)- The source of opium, and it’s derivatives Heroin, Morphine, codeine, and a whole mess of others.
Cannibis (Next to the opium poppy)- I think we all know what that is.
Syrian rue seeds (Above the cannibis)- This plant is used in the middle east as a mildly psychadelic substance and soure of red dye. It’s used in the west as an Ayahuasca analouge.
Yopo Seeds (Next to Syrian rue)- Used by Indians in the Amazon as a powerful hallucinogenic snuff. It contains psychoactive tryptamines.
Ayahuasca (upper right hand corner)- Used in the Amazon as a component to the visionary brew of the same name. It contains MAOI’s (Harmaline, Harmine, the same in Syrian rue) and is mixed with plants containing DMT (a very powerful psychoactive tryptamine)
Datura (below ayahuasca)- This is a very powerful (and very poisionus) plant that has been used for visionary puropses around the world.
Peyote (nest to the Datura)- Used by Native Americans in the southwest for centuries.