Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What the Mushrooms Whispered

Flowers are dinosaur dust. 
Everything is so fucking pretty in the summer.
I feel like I’ll always be wanting something, but never quite get there.
I need a private island so I can run around naked in fields of roses.
If I had a million dollars, I’d buy a rainbow, ice cream bubbles, and a bunch of glitter.
My hair is the coolest shit ever.
I just want to roll in everything cause the world is so beautiful.
If you pick a flower from a tree, is it dead or alive?
If it’s a partly cloudy day and the sun’s out, stare at it (with UV protection lenses).
It’s okay if all I do is die, cause i’ll become one with the earth and come back as a zombie flower. :)
Dresses.  All the time.  Life is too short for ugly clothing.
Unicorns live at the bottom of the sea.
Everything is a balance between yin/yang, and you need to find that balance.  Too much on either side isn’t good for the human spirit.
We should fill ourselves with poisons, as long as we remember to fill ourselves with healthy things, too.
Love Love and Love.