Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sagittarian Magick

Spiritual Sagittarius is driven to find the God in every flower, and doesn't just preach religion or save it for special occasions, but embodies their spiritual beliefs in everything they do, even if their beliefs aren't part of an institutionalized religion, which they often aren't.  They dream of rugged freedom and world travel, and feel smothered by domesticality and details.  Sagittarians are in control of their personal universe and at peace with themselves, but when it comes to the world around them, they are often restless.  Rather than passively accepting mainstream life, they want to put footprints in the mountains and ride wild horses, living whatever unconventional life suits them best.  Sagittarians are often very hard to read, because they're somewhat superficial and use their clever tongues to trick others into thinking they know and embody things that they don't, but once you get into a Sagittarian's heart, you'll discover their true magick.