Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pisces in Inner Space

Pisces have big moon eyes and rainbows in their brains, and because they’re so receptive to everything emotionally, they have a vast ocean of love for humanity, but are sensitive and get easily hurt.  The ethereal fish swimming in opposite directions represent the inner struggle between the two sides of Pisces: the one that’s trying to trudge deeper into Narnia and the one that’s trying to get back to reality so people will stop thinking they’re weird, anti-social little art monsters!  A yin-yang balance is key for harmony.  The biggest concern for the fish-headed are to not get eaten by their own sea demons while they’re deep in the ocean, looking for treasure and mermaids.  Pisces are the sign most aware of the cosmic nature of their existence, but you may have to shake them out of a daydream to get them to tell you about it.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are beautiful. As a Pisces, and I am such a Pisces! I can relate completely to the above description. The inner struggle and those sea demons can be a bitch!