Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taurean Queen

Taureans have a love as deep and as warm as mother earth.  They root themselves into the soil, but it does not mean that they're unchanging.  Like trees, they blow in the wind and touch the sky.  Like flowers, they turn their heads to the sun.  Taureans have strong aesthetic tastes, and when they choose to pursue music or art, they will discover they have great talents, and the determination and patience to improve their craft.  The animal associated with their sign is the bull, after "the bull of heaven", also known as the Egyptian god, Horus.  Like a bull, Taurus can be headstrong and stubborn, deeply rooting themselves deeper into the ground when pushed, and because they love so deeply, they have the tendency to become jealous.  But a Taurean in good zen is the most gentle and peaceful soul you can come across.  They live perfectly in the moment, sucking the sweet marrow out of life, and enjoying the universe's simple comforts and pleasures.